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Giantz 17 Piece Diesel Engine Compression Tester Kit

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Diesel Engine Compression Tool Tester Kit
The tool kit is designed to identify worn valves and piston rings. The easy to read
gauge provides accurate measurements for cylinder pressure.

* 17pcs diesel engine compression tester
* Easy to read gauge w/ accurate measurements
* Quick release push button valve
* Fittings for replacing injectors and glow plugs
* Compact design; instant result
* Comes with specially designed moulded case for storage
* Suitable for most diesel cars, trucks and tractors

* Gauge PSI: 0-1000
* Glow plug adapter size: M10x1.0x 83, 91, 102, 113 & 119mm / M10x1.25x 64 & 135mm / M12x1.25x47mm / M22x1.5x118mm
* Injector adapter size: M20x1.5x75mm / M22x1.5x73mm / M24 x1.5x88mm / M24x2.0x63mm
* Case size: 38x8x27.5cm
* Weight: 5.50kg

Package Contents
1 x Giantz Diesel Engine Compression Tester Kit
1 x User Manual