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Aluminium Collapsible Kayak Trolley

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Heavy Duty Aluminium Kayak Trolley 100KG
Carrying your watercraft will no longer be a straining task for your back with this premium kayak trolley. Featuring a sturdy marine grade anodised aluminium frame, it boasts a massive weight capacity of 100kg. Where it is fitted with high density foam bumpers, you can be assured your watercrafts are well protected when loaded onto the trolley. The kickstand enhances stability of the trolley and prevents it from tipping over when loading. Now you can easily load your watercraft and carry it even when going on a water trip alone! Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage, it's your ideal helper for your next water trip!

* Marine-grade anodised aluminium frame
* Improved overall structure version
* High density foam bumpers to protect your watercraft
* Kickstand for enhanced stability
* Extra long 3m cam-buckle straps
* Foldable design for easy storage (on the rear of watercraft)
* Lightweight & compact construction
* Adjustable arms to fit a wide range of kayaks, canoe & more

* Material: Aluminium
* Weight capacity: 100kg
* Wheel diameter: 26cm
* Straps: 3m
* Net weight: 2.9kg

Package Contents
1 x Kayak Trolley
1 Set of Installation Accessory
2 x 3m Tie Down Strap