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i.Pet Extra Extra Large Cooling Gel Pet Mat

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Non Toxic Pet Cooling Mat Extra Extra Large
Dogs with thick fur tend to feel hotter inside, and what they really need is a cooling pad! Let them feel cooler whenever they need it any time. The cooling pad doesn't require water, electricity or need to be refrigerated before hand, just apply weight on it, and you instantly feel the coolness from it. Foldable and portable, bring it to wherever you go with your pet!

* Self Cooling Mat - No water, no refrigeration, no electricity
* SGS approved - Non toxic and 100% safe
* Keep your pets cool time to time
* Real comfort for pets with joint pains
* Lightweight and portable
* Foldable for storing and travelling
* Can be used indoor and outdoor
* Easy to clean surface
* Long lasting quality
* Also can be used for laptops, etc.

* Cover: Nylon
* Filling material: Gel & Sponge
* Waterproof: Yes
* Size: Extra Extra Large
* Dimensions: 81 x 96cm

Package Contents
1 x Cooling Pad