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LockMaster Garage Motor Operated Roller Door Opener

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Garage Motor Operated Roller Door Opener
Designed for easy installation, the roller door opener features a low power
consumption LED light that activate automatically when the door is activated.

* Powerful rolling door opener
* Can power doors up to 25m²br>* Premium LED Festoon courtesy light
* Obstruction detection
* Equipped with a manual release handle
* Automatic closing programming

* Input voltage: 240V AC, 80W
* Motor voltage: 24V DC
* Rated door area: 15m²
* Maximum door size: 5m*5M(W*H) or total 25sqm.
* Temperature: -20°C -70°C
* RF frequency: 433MHZ
* Battery voltage: 12 Volts 27A
* Pulling force: 350N
* Maxmium door height: 5.0m
* Max control distance: 50m
* LED: indicated light

Package Contents
1 x Rolling Garage Door Opener
2 x Garage Remote
1 x Instruction Manual