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Art Queen 2 Panel 140 x 230cm Eyelet Blockout Curtains - Black

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Set of 2 Textured Blackout Curtains Black
Made from three bonded layers of foam coating, the blockout curtains work to darken
the room completely.

* Set of 2 Blockout 3 layer curtains
* Noise Reduction
* Heat Insulated
* 40mm Stainless Steel Eyelets
* Machine Washable
* Long Lasting Firm Edges

* Quantity: 2 panels/ pack
* Curtain style: Sorrento with 3 layer foam coating
* Curtain type: Eyelet with 40mm diameter
* Color: Black
* Height of per panel: 230cm
* Per panel width: 140cm
* 2 panel width: 280cm
* Suitable window width: 120cm - 160cm

Package Contents
1 x Blockout Curtains Set